Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Links from my Unschooling Creativity presentation

Fleur and the Goblet of Fire by Jayn.

I love presenting this talk, although I had so much fun telling stories that I did run out of time. Didn't it just fly right by?

Here is the bibliography and references from my talk and some further reading.

My Iggy Jingles blog

More articles from my MMM blog:
Found: the Artist Within
Not Creative article
Encouraging Creativity article

Howard Gardner, "Multiple Intelligences"
George Lois
Daniel Pink's writing

R. Keith Sawyer - tends to see creativity as really hard work, and that must be taught.
Anna Craft - ditto

John Taylor Gatto

"Possibility Thinking" -
     CA standards and frameworks for Visual and Performing Arts

The Breakfast Club
High School Musical
Big Bang Theory

Helene Hanff - Underfoot in Show Business
Brenda Ueland

Lyndon Johnson
Futurism - Balla

Kelly Lovejoy - "Stages of Unschooling"

Constructivist Theory of Learning - I have here linked the Wikipedia article because even though there are issues with it, it has a ton (a ton!) of links to more on the topic. Unsurprisingly many of the negative critiques of the ideas come from school teachers.

John Holt: "How Children Learn""How Children Fail" (1990's editions with his revisions and notes)

Have fun!

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