Friday, February 24, 2023

This will be the last post on this neglected blog


...before I essentially close it down. I need my custom URL for something better. 

I've grabbed all the posts that have actual content rather than being announcements.

It's pretty sobering to see the projects abandoned (many with great ideas), the issues of time management and motivation that I still struggle with, and the sad realization that hardly anyone read any of this in the past, and certainly no-one reads it now. 

Yes, yes, I know - "consistency and nurture your email list".

So much of this was from before social media took over most of people's reading time. 

And yet there is one obscure little paragraph from 2011 in there that asks where do I want to be in 10 years time. I'm coming back a little late, but hey nobody predicted a global pandemic. Here were my answers - so about half-ish of them, some that I reached partially, and some that I don't really mind about anymore. 

Still alive and healthy. Watching my daughter's dreams coming alive. A published book author. A produced screenwriter. Having exhibited in art galleries, possibly sold some work to a permanent collection in the public art sphere. A member of a couple of really high end manufacturer's design teams in the paper crafting world. A successful entrepreneur with three business lines flourishing – Iggy Jingles Crafts, Robyn Crops custom scrapbooks, and something educational I'm not ready to announce quite yet – but I hope it will be a boon to parents and students everywhere. Oh yes – and living in a house with an actual dedicated studio/workshop space attached.

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