Friday, September 23, 2011

Natural Life Article Footnotes - Wall Art Ideas

I'm sorry to tell you that I have not yet finished my Aesthetic Preferences Style quiz as I had hoped on my Robyn Crops website, although you can follow the progress here as I examine the assorted style preferences.

Fact is that this article is pretty much all how to - so I don't really need footnotes.

I will say that I like the Best Glue Ever for these projects; it's a non-toxic multi-purpose glue that can be used as is or turned into glue dots. I'm on the ScraPerfect design team and it has been a wonderful experience.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The value of ice cream

We are in high excitement mode over here as we prepare for the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. I'm going to be speaking first, about Unschooling and Creativity. My presentation is pretty much ready - I just need to tweak it for time, to ensure the fun parts are the most parts. There is a lot of creativity being talked about and promoted and explored at this conference - as happens at all the unschooling conferences.

I only wish the mother of all the spin off conferences, and Jayn's godmother, Kelly Lovejoy, could be there. But I know that she will be so in spirit and maybe facebook.

James will be presenting his Nitrogen Ice Cream making funshop at the closing picnic, in what has become something of a tradition when he attends conferences. It is always delightful to see the kids' fascination with the process, their enjoyment of stirring like crazy, and their enthusiasm for the different recipes - or measured and cautious exploration of new tastes. Just because it is sweet, doesn't mean that every child likes every flavor. And being free children, when they are sated, they are happy to watch and not eat more.

Then we get to do some other fun things with the liquid nitrogen - like make a "haunted" toilet bowl for a few minutes, or freeze a leaf. Did you know that if you place your razor blades in liquid nitrogen for 10 minutes or so, they stay sharp for many more shaves than normal?