Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help a Reporter Out

I'm registered with Help a Reporter.

Every day, at least once and often up to three times, I receive an email with calls from various reporters, journalists, publications or producers seeking experts or people with experiences relevant to the articles or segments they are creating. There are also periodic casting calls for reality tv shows.

This is how the articles with stories and expert opinions are created. Presently James and I have been interviewed as part of a documentary about people who got married in Las Vegas. I have submitted experiences about travel, and pitched to a crafting project.

Additionally, twice a week, calls for Gift Bag submissions are made, which give people the opportunity to insert their products into the swag and goodie bags for different events. They've been a little too big for me so far, but in the future I can see giving 200 printed Craft-It-Easy craft project instructions to the right kind of event - perhaps a working moms, parenting or educational networking event.

Meanwhile I constantly see calls that I know would suit people I know. For example earlier today there was a pitch seeking yoga instructors that work with pregnant mothers, and I immediately thought of my friend Danielle who is starting a wonderful new business, Kiss My Bliss Yoga which does just that.

I would encourage everyone, especially if you have any kind of business, to register with HARO and keep a gentle eye on the stories. The motto of the company is "Everyone's an expert at something".


Unknown said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for the shout out to HARO -- and for sharing some of your success!

Moon Over Mindy said...

Fantastic information. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am new to HARO, and it was interesting to read about your results thus far. Thanks!

Robyn Coburn Writer/Artist said...

Very best of luck with it.