Wednesday, May 26, 2010

REACTion structure

This picture shows K-Cup coffee pods repurposed into pretty shades for Christmas lights. ***************************************************** I've been working up a game plan and a timeline. I've been researching exhibitions spaces online, and sending out a few letters. I have no idea how much leasing a gallery space would cost, so that's what I need to discover so I can work up a budget. Here are how my ideas are shaping up... Four sections – the concept of fluidity and blurred edges • Art of Daily Life – clothing and accessories, homewares • Monumental – Large scale sculpture and wall works (perhaps only a few), The Human Bird House • Mixed Media – paper and other works, smaller scale sculptures, furniture, wall art • Figurative – art dolls, human figure sculptures Artworks from exhibit to be for sale, and more handmade items in store area such as art journals, altered books, art dolls, cards and prints of the exhibit items - provided by artists. Portion of sales and auction of collaborative sculpture proceeds to be donated to environmental cause. Community events associated with the exhibit – ATC trade, children’s crafts like painting cereal box houses, collaborative mixed media sculpture (the Styrofoam covered with plaster), how to “plarn” tutorial, making prayer flags, entrepreneurial craft fair one weekend, Swap-o-rama-rama? Questions/Issues to be resolved Participation – International? Artist pays shipping there and back (unless sold) Charge to participate? – want to say no but need to explore the costs Percentage of sales – gallery/space contract? What is reasonable. Admission charge or donations. Space questions – insurance provided? Security? Hours of operation. What is provided by the gallery – tech support? Credit card acceptance for sales? Connected with internet – a store of their own and any sales percentages. Gallery publicity tools? Energy efficiency? Questions about monumental works – how large can be accommodated? Idea of collaborative sculpture – can that even happen in this situation? Human Bird House – individual parts for sale? Space for craft fair associated – outside, inside, compete with store? Same artists, different artists, kid’s selling space. Fee to participate? Publicity Tools Blog for exhibit with links to artists’ blogs/sites Gallery site Facebook page with fans Press releases – to all media outlets Twitter Blog giveaways for links My Space page You Tube – video of some WIP’s if possible – once a month and later once a week Ebay auction of something? Magazine article submissions – including encouraging artists to do their own Link with environmental groups for cross promotions Maybe a mini Swap-O-Rama-Rama event – what about a Denim swap – half way through the exhibition. Arts associations

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