Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on REACTion..

So no sooner do I send my intentions out into the universe than things start moving. I was mentioning my exhibition idea (which is now turning into an exhibition plan) to some home schooling moms in my circle, and I two things happened immediately. First, I have been turned on to a fascinating website, which is a way to raise funds for arts projects through individual pledges of donations, facilitated by Amazon. The rather interesting thing is that if you fail to raise the needed budget by your chosen deadline, no-one's credit card is charged. Donors may receive considerations determined by the project organizer. I'm thinking a sliding scale including a glossy souvenir catalog for donations over a certain amount. More to be determined. The second thing is one of the moms was in the process of devising a group sculptural project involving home schooled parents and kids that will be a perfect large scale item for the exhibition. Now I need to determine a budget for the project. I am starting to investigate spaces in which to hold what I am envisaging as a month long exhibition. I'm thinking that an established gallery space or public event venue would already have the appropriate insurance in place. I want the place to be in an affluent arts friendly neighborhood so I'm starting in Santa Monica. I've worked out a time line based on the actual exhibition being in July of next year. I'm going to find a non-profit environmental group to be a partner and be the beneficiary of some profits. If it's Santa Monica I'm thinking some thing like "Heal the Bay" . More soon.

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