Friday, January 6, 2012

Changes in work life

Just so you know, I have resigned from Michaels, at least for the time being.

Not because I was unhappy there - oh no! I love it there. I love the people, both the staff and customers. I love the actual work. My spirits rose whenever I went in to work. I really, truly enjoyed it. I was happy.

But it was in my head. Going in to work even one day a week was keeping my head there seven days a week. I get emotionally involved in my work, I always have. It was distracting me from my writing and other work. Plus, with James increasing hours at his work and other commitments, Sunday turns out to be the only day that we can actually spend time together focusing on our new business plan.

I'm so very grateful for my time there. I hope to have a new and different relationship with Michaels in the near future. And I still have this dream of holding a book signing there in the future.

Writing business plans is time consuming, and the financial predictions are tough. There are services that publish industry reports with lots of numbers - but they are very expensive between $500 to upwards of $4K. They must be in major libraries though, right? I'm collecting bids from vendors too. That is fun. Then there's the design, prototype manufacturing, writing of content, and graphic design. It's going to be tremendous fun, and we are doing it together.

I'm even more happy.

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