Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Round Up

Still found time to get out to LACMA for
the awesome Tim Burton exhibit.

I can tell you one thing. I am way too busy for writer's block!

That's the good thing about having several projects pots on the stove. If one starts to cool off, there's another one simmering ready to be stirred.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment:

I'm doing editing/polishing rewrites on my family fantasy script, "Mermaid Lake". The title rather says it all. I think of this as my live action with CGI "Disney" type movie. I'm loving the characters and the eco-conscious story line, but it's heart is about friendship and family.

I'm doing character histories (because they help me) and story outlines for my fractured fairy tale "Spinning Wheel". I'm  noticing a sudden influx of the genre in film and tv (especially), so I may have missed it this time around. Oh well; genres cycle. But this is a really epic treatment of Sleeping Beauty - think filming in New Zealand or Eastern Europe. It's not just an olden days homage to Tolkein and Grimm, it's also a love song to textile art - with CGFX. The production designer and costume designer will have a ball! But I'm a ways off yet - the middle is still hazy, although I know how it starts and how it ends.

I'm working up my next article for Natural Life - answering some of those hairy reader questions. I climbed around in my over full storage unit until I found some packs of old slides, and I have a stack of holiday cards and even a wallpaper sample book. Stay tuned on the Natural Life website where I hope I can include more photos than would fit in the print mag.

I'm hoping to revive a reality show idea that I'd really pushed to the back burner...if my producer buddy who is very busy with his latest release can take a glance at it. I think it would be a good fit for OWN. It's a contempory take on restoring the kitchen the heart of the home, but it's individualized for each family - no one size fits all solutions here.

My refashioned/upcycled old clothes book project is so cold, it's got a lid on it. Cold but definitely not forgotten.

But I don't get to spend a lot of time just writing screenplays, articles and books. My time budget - which needs revision now that I have cut back on my hours at my lovely Michaels (oh you didn't know that? That's another story) - still has me doing my education publication project most of the time. James and I have high hopes that this will be huge, and help so many parents and kids with what seems to be a scary and challenging process. Home schoolers welcome too! I'm not quite ready to reveal it, but I think it will be very cool.

Jayn participates in the big project when she wants to. We are enjoying sitting on opposite sides of the work table these days, so we can grin for pure joy at each other. Most of her time is taken up with World of Warcraft, which she now adores. She's full of ideas that she wants to sent to Blizzard for new classes of creature. Her contentment overflows. It's lovely.

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