Thursday, October 13, 2011

Changes at Natural Life Magazine

Things are changing at Natural Life Magazine. My column, Crafting for a Greener World is going entirely digital, and will be available at the NL website.

So to celebrate this, we are changing the format some, and I plan to feature my creative answers to your crafting dilemmas in my new column. I hope to be able to include more photos than space allowed in the print mag. I have already received several juicy problems that folks have with their stash of trash, junk, fabulous recycled resources and art raw materials.

I'll continue to design crafting projects, and post footnotes and links here - but I need your help, dear readers!

Here again is the "blurb" that appeared in a recent issue:


Got Stuff? Need Projects?

Do you gaze forlornly at that stack of odd containers? Are you puzzled by those old rusty bits in that bucket in the garage? Is that stiff plastic packaging too cool to toss, but you just don't know what to do with it? Maybe you just can't bear to throw out those embroidered bell bottoms filled with memories, even though they haven't fit you in years. I bet you're not alone.

You have stuff you're collecting and need some plans and projects, and I would love the challenge of coming up with some new creative ideas especially for you and your stash of possibilities.

At last you will feel great about that cardboard you kept for years – maybe get a jump on your holiday gifts, or hand make some fun – cheap - kids' stuff. Finally your husband will stop grumbling and start seeing the potential of that pile of boxes. Well we can dream....

Tell me what you are saving, hoarding or wondering about. E-mail me your list, even send photos if you have 'em. And I will do my best to come up with a new crafty use for it, in a future article. It's like Dear Abby for junk!

Then once you have created your masterpiece, send along another picture or link, so that we can all applaud!

Oh and I still need Target prescription bottles - I'll reimburse your shipping if you can send them to me.

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