Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crafting with Plastics 1 Footnotes.

My column in the current Natural Life Magazine is about plastic pollution - the first of a series about crafting plastics. Here are links to the info presented.

Go to the awesome Fake Plastic Fish first. You may not even need the rest of the footnotes because there are a lot of links at FPF.

The Plastiki Expedition official site.

The BP oil spill has a plethora of sites including the Wikipedia entry, BP's site and various ongoing news items and images if you Google it.

Kevin Costner and his oil spill cleanup machine was in the news at the time.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council - the state of the restoration.

Algalita Marine Research Foundation - voyages.

Dr. Marcus Eriksen's Junk raft, and here is a nice description of the gyres issue. And some more news on gyres.

Ocean Conservancy International Beach Clean-up.

Here are some sites about biodegradable  and new plastics science:

Elizabeth's Francke's book is available online.

Want to complain about plastic in envelope windows? Maybe we could start a letter writing campaign to the Envelope Manufacturers Association. Beth Terry (FPF) already collects hers. What if we all did and sent them on mass to the EMA on some particular day next year? Wait a minute - this could be something.....

***Stop the Presses: Since I wrote that article, apparently SunChips has ceased production of the biodegradable bags due to consumer complaints. Apparently the new bags are too noisy......Sigh.

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