Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not cropping at the moment

My most recent doll project - deets on the IggyJingles blog.

So a nice lady called me today to do custom scrapbooking, the first call from my Thumbtack listing. She sounded rather harried and rushed - fast talking, baby crying - and had all the papers, photos and stickers for four albums. It breaks my heart but I had to say no, because I am just too busy to devote what would be weeks to full albums. I had the feeling she thought it would be simple and quick - but it never is.

I must, absolutely must focus on Craft-It-Easy, our new crafty publishing venture. I will be shouting the new blog to the mountaintops pretty soon. In the meanwhile I am building things, writing instructions, doing graphic design  layouts and still tweaking the financials on our darn business plan.

Anyhoo, I realized that if I am not going to be open for business at Robyn Crops (and the website will be fading away at the end of the month I think because I'm not renewing) I had better take down my listing at Thumbtack. So I've put up a custom doll making listing instead, just in case the dolls on my Etsy store aren't cutting it for you. I will only do a super intriguing doll project, and only one at a time.

Remember my new mantra: If you like it, Pin it.

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