Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plastics for Crafting 2 - footnotes

Here are some links and additional resources connected to my article in Natural Life Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011).

Some information about landfills may be found at the Waste Management site.
They also have a nice downloadable brochure.

CNBC has a production entitled the Secret Life of Garbage.

One landfill in San Francisco has an Artists-in-Residence program that is fascinating.

There is an endless stream of useful information at the Container Recycling Institute, including publications of research papers, and information about Bottle Bills.

Here is an article about the somewhat controversial Freegans. By contrast here is another article about scavenging in the developing world. It's a pretty contentious issue both locally and internationally.

The Basel Action Network is a site devoted to enforcing compliance with bans in international trade in hazardous materials - lots of links, and news stories.

PET Soda bottle Tornado , a gorgeous Lamp Shade by Sarah Turner (pictured above), Zippered Coin Purse (sigh). Look, I know a lot of people really like the bottle bottom coin purse idea because it looks ingeniously cute. But the problem with a hard sided, clam shell type of container for small items like coins is that when you unzip, you risk spilling the contents. Plus you can only fill it half way for the same reason. I just don't think it's practical.

Totally awesome plastic Milk Bottle Storm Trooper helmet costume, and another post about fairy houses from milk bottles - actually if you have young kids just go to Filth Wizardry and search under the "recycling" keyword. I wish I lived next door.

Recycling and Plastic History Sidebar

Many photos about recycling in WWII  and a nice little article about the products of the recycling drive.

History of Plastics invention on, and another history at Plastipedia.

Shellac and the history of Bakelite.


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